Not your ordinary event.  What is so special about this day is the fact that once again, the same sea of over 700 people who were cramped in a 600-seat convention room inched their way out of the hall and congregated in huddles and huge circles like a frenzied townsfolk gathering eager to consume and gobble insights and inspiration from the GFI leadership.

On the 24th of September GlobalFusion marks another unforgettable milestone keeping true to its promise to permanently place GFI in the world map when it signed an exclusive partnership with a global internet phenomenon called Mutliply.com, to become GFI’s official E-Commerce Partner.

Along with the GFI and Multiply Café teams, all guests of the event were treated to sample gallons upon gallons of GFI’s luxurious and healthy drinks. Guests lined up in the multiply booth, attended by the friendly Multiply people for surveys and free use of the internet. With a delicious beverage in one hand, many walked away with free multiply merchandise souvenirs too.

 Through a simple but energetic ceremony, both Multiply, led by its country manager Jack Madrid and the head of merchant relations Philips Yu, inked the momentous contract with GFI president Rico Uy and VP Bong Escobido. The partners firmly expressed their sincere desire to help elevate the way GFI distributors’ businesses by providing one of the best e-commerce platforms enjoyed in the market today. In celebration of the Filipino entrepreneurial spirit, this offering will allow all GFI distributors and their growing customer base worldwide, a simple, convenient and secure access to all of its products.


Company Background

From its origins as a place to share photos, videos and more with people in your life, Multiply has evolved into a vibrant Social Shopping destination that connects online merchants with shoppers interested in all kinds of products and services, from clothing and jewelry to electronics and appliances.

Millions of shoppers in Indonesia, the Philippines, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam have made Multiply a favorite shopping destination. With tens of thousands of online merchants to browse and interact with, shopping through Multiply is like visiting the mall with your friends and family, only easier and more convenient.

Multiply’s success is built on a foundation of solid innovation and creative technology. Merchants appreciate the full resolution photos that showcase their products in the best possible light, along with unlimited storage and online editing tools, while the powerful privacy settings allow shoppers and visitors to share exactly what they want with exactly whom they want. Multiply’s advanced, yet easy-to-use technology has allowed its users to build the largest online marketplace in the region.

Launched in 2004, and headquartered in Jakarta, Indonesia, Multiply is also the second largest social network in Southeast Asia, with millions of additional users in the US, Brazil, India, and more, where friends and family continue to share their memories, stories, reviews, and shopping recommendations.

Multiply’s staff has world-class experience building highly-scalable, web-based applications. The reliability of our network and preservation of our users’ data are top priorities. As a leading advocate for user privacy, Multiply will never sell or give away any personal information about our users to third parties.



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