What is your state of mind right now towards losing weight?

It’s crucial to understand that before taking any action towards a short-term or long-term goal (depends on the results that you want), you are certain with WHAT YOU REALLY WANT.

It may have started off as an idea you tell yourself ” I am sexy. I am fit. I am healthy.” That idea can simply be an AFFIRMATION you can speak-out loud daily. BUT THAT ISN’T ENOUGH to keep you going. This idea must simply be converted to a BELIEF and be turned to a CONVICTION so that MASSIVE, CONSISTENT ACTIONS can be taken to simply turn everything into a reality.

Spend some time today identifying the things that you really want.

Visualize by cutting-out photos of yourself in your most “fit” form or take out images of the ideal body weight of individuals you want to serve as role models.

Look at them daily and speak out your affirmations.  Be in a state of happiness that this is what you are going to achieve with SUCCESSFUL RESULTS!

Check out what the IDEAL WEIGHT for you should be. https://globalteampassion.wordpress.com/2012/07/30/check-your-ideal-weight/



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