Bora Bonding at Estacio Uno!

Simply, when you are in a “disempowered” state of mind, at a moment, you will find your self unproductive. To snap out of it, would be good to visualize memories of memorable and happy experiences!

One of the things that make me feel good is bonding with family.

A very recent trip to Boracay Philippines with sister and cousins together with the friendly and efficient staff of our lifestyle hotel called Estacio Uno, I shall say, the trip was NUMERO UNO FAVORITE FOR THE MONTH!

Whether the windy weather or the amazing sand of Boracay, just the same, it has been a refreshing vacation.

Even when I was away for 3 days, truly there’s FORTUNE  in leveraging myself through SOCIAL MEDIA and E-Commerce!

Next time you feel down and frustrated, start thinking of HAPPY EXPERIENCES and ask yourself: What am I grateful for TODAY?

Love, joy, fun and profitability– need I ask for more?


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