According to webMD…stretch marks occur from disruption in the underlying dermal support of the skin. Topical medications that contain TRETINOIN are designed to increase cell turnover and encourage new collagen disposition. Laser works by targetting and subsequently tightening the dermis and encouraging new cell growth. A combination of topical products and lasers may improve less severe stretch marks. But more severe stretch marks are less likely to respond to non surgical approaches.

Stretch marks are weaknesses in the supporting structure of the skin causing layers of the skin (dermis) to separate and leaving the skin grooved and discolored. Stretch marks develop when the skin is excessively stretched during pregnancy, weight gain or growth spurts. They are most common during pregnancy and the teen years. When growth spurts and increased levels of steroid hormones cause significant changes throughout the body. Stretch marks can also be brought on by obesity, genetic disorders, including inherited defects of connective tissues also play a role.

PREVENTION IS THE KEY. To avoid stretch marks, avoid rapid weight gain or loss. Moisturize daily when pregnant. There is no exact cure for stretch marks, however, products containing GLYCOLIC ACIDS, TRETINOIN or VITAMIN C helps towards rebuilding the structures of your skin. For a more invasive option, consider laser resurfacing. Laser works by stimulating the collagen synthesis. For severe stretch marks, you may want to consider evaluation by a plastic surgeon for surgical removal.

Or better yet, take care of your skin by using our very own GFI/ KS SKINCARE LINES. ~ by Ms. Bing Calinawan


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