I am On The Edge! To Love is To Serve…

What do you do when you’re on the edge?


A unique learning experience for me to be part of the FACULTY.

Some snippets I stumbled on…

  • To love is to serve, to serve is to love.
  • To grasp when I’m really going, I need to understand where am I at RIGHT NOW
  • What are the statements I tell myself daily?
  • How powerful will it be if I record my SELF-TALK and listen to it daily?
  • When do I begin to change?
  • What are my strengths? The things that energize me?
  • What are the things I do on a daily basis?
  • Am I pushing and challenging myself to grow?
  • I value others because I BELIEVE that others have value.
  • The way we choose to see the world creates the world we see.
  • When I grow, I will add value to others.
  • Am I willing to get out of my comfort zone?
  • When I grow, I expand my capabilities. Only way for me to grow leaders is to grow myself first.

To you who enrolled..to you who listened..to you who participated..to you who shared your heart…THANK YOU!!!


My NOW will never be the same again!

I AM ON THE EDGE!!! Every single day is an opportunity to change my life. Every single day is an opportunity to raise the bar. Every single day is my REALITY and my time to add value.

Every single day is a chance to SERVE and LOVE.



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