Do you reflect upon the years gone by as you prepare for yet one more,carpe diem

with promises and resolutions that you have made before?

  Do memories of people and places once as sharp as any knife

now blend in bits and pieces in a kaleidoscope of life?


Do you squander precious minutes seeking reasons why you’re here,

contemplating your life’s purpose year after passing year?

Persuade yourself to understand,it matters not the reason

Your purpose is to seize the life in every passing season!


Learn to see things differently.Let your thoughts and actions change.

Allow your views of past and presentto slowly rearrange.

Let your spirit start anew;

become focused and aware of the moments and the blessings that surround you everywhere!


Do not permit past memories:

the where…the who…the how

to become more important than the ones you’re making now.

Live life in person;inhabit every day

You may not like where you are now,but you’re there anyway!


A lifetime is a puzzle,every failure,

each success adds another jagged piece to fit together with the rest.

To finish the picture and view the masterpiece whole,

fill the time of your life with your heart and your soul.


Acquaint yourself with your feelings and heighten your senses

Experience living.Put down your defenses.

You don’t have to know why you are you, and I’m me.

Believe it is what it stand its how it should be.


You did not choose your date of birth, nor do you know your last,

so live this gift that is your present, before it becomes your past.


Linda Ellis, copyright 2011


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