Coco Coffee Mix and Me!

With my usual daily meditation and journaling as antidote to stress (check my blog on stress management), I came across a few recipes on coffee mixed with coco oil. I go for my usual morning coffee (special healthy coffee, that is, mixed with agaricus blazei murill and soluble fibers) first thing in the morning after I say my prayers.

Today, I got excited trying this “new” stuff I discovered which I know wasn’t really new at all. Well, at least for me. Prepared my blender, my VCO (virgin coco oil), cinnamon powder and my healthy coffee mix.

Here it is:

1 Teaspoon of VCO (this will serve as your non-dairy/natural creamer)

1 sachet of my Nutriblend Coffee Mix with Natural Raw Sugar

(you can go for your favorite coffee and mix it with STEVIA or muscovado sugar)

a dash of cinammon

How to:

Blend everything in hot water through the blender and voila!

Here’s how mine looked like….and it sure does tasted YUMMY!!!!

Healthy is YUMMY! Enjoy the brew!

Positive Affirmation for the day: I choose to be healthy and think about what I am thinking about!

healthy coco coffee mix


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