Reasons to savor having that cup of Nutriblend Green Tea!

Team Passion

There are definitely so many reasons why I am addicted to Green Tea, considering all the wonderful benefits of drinking tea.

One of my favorites is Nutriblend Green Tea which you can take as a hot beverage or cold. This green tea is also my skin beverage. After consuming it for quite some time, I’ve noticed a healthier glow with my skin. A cup also relieves me from all the tensions of the day.

It contains stevia (natural sweetener), L-Carnitie and Sodium Ascorbate which actually aids in weight-management.

Here are some of its features:Image

– inhibits growth or kill cancer cells without harming healthy tissues
– lowers LDL cholesterol levels
– possesses very strong and anti-oxidant property
– protects from rheumatoid arthritis
– good for the skin

The practice of preparing tea leaves to produce green tea beverage is an ancient-old tradition originating in the region of East Asia. Its…

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