My Sweet Tooth..and its Toxicity!

Team Passion

I have known for quite sometime the toxicty mercury fillings create in the body. I still got my amalgam fillings in my 4 teeth which I am committed to replace it with bio-composite materials real soon! What a great reminder that I just came across some good reads today educating me that it wasn’t just a procedure of simply having it removed. I was about to go to a conventional dentist this month and good thing, I haven’t done that yet (some advantages of my “procrastination” or I could have given my self more risk in the procedure of removing it!!!!

Get more info here. My next question now is, where do I find a holistic dentist practicing biological dentistry here in the Philippines? I am blessed to recall that my dad referred me to a holistic dentist a year back and I even have some painful tooth problems…

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