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I was advised several times that sun exposure lowers cancer risk. When this opportunity came for me to go out on a bonding time with family to the beach, I have already boosted my own SPF with my supplements, I daily cover my body with Virgin Coconut Oil (it has a natural SPF 4-10), I can say with confidence–I won’t get sun-burned!

Our bodies need natural sunlight to synthesize adequate amounts of vitamin D in order to keep our bones strong and healthy, as well as support the immune system.

True enough, I walked under the sun, I bathe under the sun and I enjoyed being under the sun!

Pico de Loro of Nasugbu Batangas has been a great breather for me! The sea is amazing, the sand feels great to the tired feet and the sun is energizing!

Enjoy earth. Be recharged. Just like what Vitamin D of sunlight…

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Coco Coffee Mix and Me!

With my usual daily meditation and journaling as antidote to stress (check my blog on stress management), I came across a few recipes on coffee mixed with coco oil. I go for my usual morning coffee (special healthy coffee, that is, mixed with agaricus blazei murill and soluble fibers) first thing in the morning after I say my prayers.

Today, I got excited trying this “new” stuff I discovered which I know wasn’t really new at all. Well, at least for me. Prepared my blender, my VCO (virgin coco oil), cinnamon powder and my healthy coffee mix.

Here it is:

1 Teaspoon of VCO (this will serve as your non-dairy/natural creamer)

1 sachet of my Nutriblend Coffee Mix with Natural Raw Sugar

(you can go for your favorite coffee and mix it with STEVIA or muscovado sugar)

a dash of cinammon

How to:

Blend everything in hot water through the blender and voila!

Here’s how mine looked like….and it sure does tasted YUMMY!!!!

Healthy is YUMMY! Enjoy the brew!

Positive Affirmation for the day: I choose to be healthy and think about what I am thinking about!

healthy coco coffee mix


A Woman and a Tea!

A Woman and a Tea!

A woman is like a tea bag – you can’t tell how strong she is until you put her in hot water! ~ Eleanor Roosevelt

It’s a challenge then for women to be more proactive instead of reactive. A confident woman exercises strength of faith and dependence on God! I am a miracle! I am a gift!


Stress Management, Anyone?

Individuals complain of experiencing physical pains where most of which are related to stress.  When the body lacks nutrition, its immune system is low, toxins attack the body faster. Aside from the fact that the body needs to be supplemented adequately, other stress-related life situations contribute to the physical pain.

Stress is the body’s way of dealing with potentially dangerous situations, heightening adrenaline levels and increasing alertness. However, prolonged stress and anxiety can be detrimental to mental and physical health. Understanding stress and anxiety and how to deal with it in a natural way can help to eliminate some of the harmful effects stress has on the body.

Stress can impact hormones and fertility as well. When cortisol is high in the body, progesterone is often low because the body uses progesterone to manufacture cortisol. This is often why stress and elevated cortisol levels correlate with trouble conceiving or maintaining a pregnancy. While natural progesterone cream can be helpful, it is important to address the causes as well.

Other physical reactions associated with high stress levels are:

  •  Hair loss (from prolonged stress)
  • headaches
  • insomnia
  • dry mouth
  • increased incidence of heart disease and stroke
  • higher incidence of allergy
  • muscle pain or twitching
  • hormonal and menstrual troubles
  • increased incidence of eczema and psoriasis
  • slower healing from all illness

Types of Stress

Mental and emotional stress are often considered the culprits in stress related problems, but there are also physical stressors that can cause the same problems. Before stress can be reduced, one must figure out what is causing it in the first place.

Certainly, lifestyle factors, hectic schedules or a busy job (like motherhood), can cause stress, but so can other factors like:

  • eating foods that the body is allergic or intolerant to (even if you don’t know you have the allergy)
  • not getting enough sleep
  • toxins in your home or environment
  • an underlying hormone imbalance
  • leptin or insulin resistance


What to do about it:

1. Physical stress: To help reduce physical stress, eat a solid real-food diet, get enough sleep and avoid toxins when you can. Take supplements that can boost your immune system such as those rich in anti-oxidants and Vitamin C. Food supplements and beverages such as barley and tea. Researchers have found a direct relation between tea and stress. According to their findings, tea does help to reduce your level of stress. Whenever you are extremely stressed, drink a cup of tea and you will start feeling much relieved. I love tea-drinking and it’s a sure way of feeling better!


How much is just enough?

“Research has shown that 40g of dark chocolate a day can help us cope with stress by releasing ‘happy chemicals’ known as beta endorphins in the brain,” says Spector. “When it comes to a treat, dark chocolate can be a good snack choice to stave off cravings for less healthy choices, while providing a much-needed energy boost without the agitating effects of caffeine.”


“Spinach and other dark leafy greens like Swiss chard and kale are loaded with magnesium, which has been credited as a major stress fighter, helping to relax muscle fibers and put you at ease,” says Health and Living.

Oranges – for sunshine in your life. Oranges, along with Brussels sprouts, broccoli, red and green peppers and strawberries contain lots of vitamin C, which “boosts your immune system and fights brain-cell damage resulting from constant exposure to cortisol,” says Whole Living.

2.   Emotional Stress: Make time for prayer and meditation.

gratitude journal

Worship instead of worrying. Keep a gratitude journal or enter into the habit of JOURNALING. This is one of my favorite moments where I get the chance to discover myself more and listen to my Creator.

Walk barefooted and be connected to the ground. Nature’s energy will give you an energized breathing experience!

 3.   Mental Stress:  Learn to set your goals and priorities. Focus on one priority at a time. Reading inspirational and motivational books will aid you in sharpening your mind as well as help you develop mental focus.  Spend some time with mentors who carry the same vision as you have. Talk with like-minded individuals who embody your principles and beliefs.

 Next time you feel that stress temperature going up, pause and take a break. Check your habits. Grab that tea, pen and journal. Be grateful that you are alive for the moment!








Summer Heat.. Make Your Own Sunscreen!

I’ll be lounging off to a beach this week during this “Holy Week” holiday and I know the summer heat can be burning to the skin. Better to be prepared in advance. I do understand that the sun is a great source of Vitamin D but a sunburn is as uncomfortable as it can be. I shall say, I’m already  boosting my own SPF with proper supplementation such as Vitamin C, Coco Oil and other anti-oxidants such as Glutathione with Green Tea Extract and Grapeseed Extract.

You can opt to buy a ready-made natural suncreen on a healthy natural shop or create your own. Check out these links:




 You can also check out these:

Ingredients that Naturally Protect Us from the Sun

There are natural ingredients, some may be found in our kitchens, that work to protect us from over exposure to the sun. Many are oils that contain SPF properties such as:

  • Raspberry Seed Oil. The highest of all natural ingredients, contains an estimated SPF of 30-50.
  • Shea Butter. An excellent skin protectant with an SPF of approximately 6-10.
  • Carrot Seed Oil. Carrot seed oil is an essential oil and has been estimated to contain SPF levels of 30.
  • Wheat Germ Oil. While super nourishing for the skin, it too possesses a natural SPF of 20.
  • Sesame oil, Coconut Oil, Hemp oil, Avocado oil, Soybean, and Peanut Oil. All contain SPF levels between 4-10.

I’m happy with my daily application of Coconut Oil!

Go ahead and enjoy the sun!

SOURCES: http://wellnessmama.com/2558/natural-homemade-sunscreen-recipe/


If you would like to get reliable sources of Natural Sunscreen in the Philippines, you can email teampassion@rocketmail.com

Pets..Antidote to Stress!

After a busy day or even a toxic week, our furry friendare great companions in relieving stress! Here’s my 5-year old toy poodle buddy Hersheys after grooming!hersheys1

How can you possibly miss to hug her and share love?

Check out this article:

A few minutes alone with a pet cat or dog might do more to help people’s stress than talking about their troubles with their best friend or spouse, according to a new study.

Researchers recently examined the effects of the presence of friends, spouses and pets on the level of stress associated with certain relatively unpleasant tasks. They found that compared with human support, the presence of pets was associated with lower perceived and actual responses to stress.

Source: http://www.newswise.com/articles/view/31716/


Do you reflect upon the years gone by as you prepare for yet one more,carpe diem

with promises and resolutions that you have made before?

  Do memories of people and places once as sharp as any knife

now blend in bits and pieces in a kaleidoscope of life?


Do you squander precious minutes seeking reasons why you’re here,

contemplating your life’s purpose year after passing year?

Persuade yourself to understand,it matters not the reason

Your purpose is to seize the life in every passing season!


Learn to see things differently.Let your thoughts and actions change.

Allow your views of past and presentto slowly rearrange.

Let your spirit start anew;

become focused and aware of the moments and the blessings that surround you everywhere!


Do not permit past memories:

the where…the who…the how

to become more important than the ones you’re making now.

Live life in person;inhabit every day

You may not like where you are now,but you’re there anyway!


A lifetime is a puzzle,every failure,

each success adds another jagged piece to fit together with the rest.

To finish the picture and view the masterpiece whole,

fill the time of your life with your heart and your soul.


Acquaint yourself with your feelings and heighten your senses

Experience living.Put down your defenses.

You don’t have to know why you are you, and I’m me.

Believe it is what it stand its how it should be.


You did not choose your date of birth, nor do you know your last,

so live this gift that is your present, before it becomes your past.


Linda Ellis, copyright 2011

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