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Love never fails

Mustard Seed Budget

Love never failsHumans have the capacity to love — and the capacity to turn off the love valve. It is a horrifying reality: to stop loving what naturally we love. To be so caught up in drugs and alcohol that a parent neglects a child. To be so embittered by moral failures that a spouse chooses hate.

“The greatest fury comes from the wound where love once issued forth,” said Pat Conroy, author who conducted minute forensics on his own divorce. “I find it hard to believe that this number of people voluntarily or involuntarily submit to such extraordinary pain.”

If love is the most ennobling emotion of all humanity, shutting off the valve the most diabolical. By turning off the valve, you think you are asserting control over your life and destiny. In reality, you become a mini-Hitler annihilating your own race.

Don’t give up on love. God made…

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The Biggest Dance Competition in the Philippines for INTERNATIONAL SCHOLARSHIPS!

BCC Launches Dance4Life Season 3 for the Benefit of Filipino Scholars

Dance4Life Season 3~ For the Benefit of the Filipino Scholars

d4lposterDance4Life is part of the British Cambridge – International Dance event which is organized across Asia to provide international scholarships.

Be part and support the less privileged!

For more info: go to

My Passion for BCC and Its Vision

Team Passion

BCC stands for British Cambridge College whose programs are offered through its over 60 partner schools across Asia. Accredited by the United Kingdom and it’s the MOST AFFORDABLE.

I am from a developing country, if not, one of the poorest in terms of economic stability.  POVERTY is a common word and we have experienced its real definition at any given moment of our lives.

From where I came from, education is NOT TOP priority.  I hear of other nations where a family is willing to sell everything just to send a child to school. Not here.  Majority would rather look for food on the table, survive each day, rather than send a family member to school.

* As an educator, facilitator and trainer, I am passionate about adding value in people’s lives.
I am one with BCC’s mission:
•Provide internationally accredited programs at the most affordable prices
.•Provide life skills…

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Set Apart for Him

Galatians 1:15
But when He who had set me apart before I was born, and has called me through His grace..
v. 24..And they glorified God because of me.

dreamboard 1


More than 10 years ago I created my very first dream board. I posted magazine clips, snippets and photos of what I want to have and where I want to go.

Financial goal- I’ll be straightforward. I want to be a millionaire.

Physical goal- to be fit even at old age.

Spiritual goals- I want to leave a legacy by building orphanages and schools for the less fortunate kids in different parts of the world!

Emotionally- be in a relationship that will give me love and understanding

—-all of these for God’s glory!


Things are coming into reality now, over 10 years after, all through God’s grace! He brought me to the BCI Ministry and made me realize this dream. Indeed, set apart for Him!


You may be undergoing something challenging right now.

Years ago, God has already planned the best future for you.  All it takes is for you to fully believe it.

Always bring a foot forward, move towards the direction where God has called you.

Even if you are not seeing the end result yet, with God, it will always be a happy ending!

“And God will be glorified because of you..because of your faith and obedience to Him.

Be blessed today!

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