My Passion for BCC and Its Vision

Team Passion

BCC stands for British Cambridge College whose programs are offered through its over 60 partner schools across Asia. Accredited by the United Kingdom and it’s the MOST AFFORDABLE.

I am from a developing country, if not, one of the poorest in terms of economic stability.  POVERTY is a common word and we have experienced its real definition at any given moment of our lives.

From where I came from, education is NOT TOP priority.  I hear of other nations where a family is willing to sell everything just to send a child to school. Not here.  Majority would rather look for food on the table, survive each day, rather than send a family member to school.

* As an educator, facilitator and trainer, I am passionate about adding value in people’s lives.
I am one with BCC’s mission:
•Provide internationally accredited programs at the most affordable prices
.•Provide life skills…

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